When to use shields or order paladins to do so?

Under what circumstances would using a shield be more beneficial than just attacking?

Under what circumstances would I want my paladins to use shields?

Maybe if you (or paladin) is at low health (but not critical), another paladin (or healer) is still alive and can potentially heal you, so you just need to hold of enemy attacks for a while until you get healed, and then continue normal business?

Or could you and some paladins just form a living shield for the rest of your troops by standing near enemies, taking the heat (and all the healing) and let your archers and high damage units kill the enemies while they waste their attacks trying to kill you?

Or perhaps only use it to block incoming missiles?

What do you guys things are good scenarios where and how to use shields?

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No one ever replied to this great question.

I have my hero shield in Cavern Survival after my opponent has <= 0 health because I have died in that split second at the end.

I have had some success shielding when an enemy missile is very close.

For paladins I often just have them heal me or shield in hopes they will soak up more damage and get off more heals.

I haven’t tried having them tank for me while healing themselves since I still play warrior a lot. They could move towards an enemy till they take damage, then shield and heal themselves unless they aren’t taking damage.

I know this post is very old, but I don’t like seeing good posts with zeros replies either …