Shield balance in survival

So there seems to be at least couple of characters, ranking high in survival with following “program”:

  1. Max out armor to ~1500HP (where do I get that many crystals by the way? :slight_smile: )
  2. loop { this.shield() } while opponent struggles and dies

I commend the practicality of solution, but it isn’t particularly… inspiring? :smile:

Cooldown for shield action might spice thing up. Being able to indefinitely negate bulk of incoming damage is just strange.

Good point; that’s not a very fun solution to fight against. I wonder how things will shake up when players get more advanced and start trying different heroes, though. I know several strategies that could defeat that strategy without having to spend that many gems.

I actually could defeat it in testing runs, but it’s essentially a coin toss for my current code. If stronger monsters spawn farther out and take time walking or right on top of me. Thinking of adding switch to “flight” reaction from “fight” once low on HP just to drag time out…

I also don’t see a way to practically use shield in normal combat. As far as I understand it can’t hold it while walking and I don’t have idea (so far) how to time it to incoming attacks.

I guess the idea with shield would be that it would become more interesting in group battles when you’re not the only one, like we used it in Sky Span. But we haven’t gotten to that point yet, where you are summoning and commanding allies. So it’s pretty niche in these early ladder levels for now.