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When you simulate games is there a fixed amount of gems and XP you can get from it?

no my school holiday ending on Monday got to go back to school :sob: :sob:

My school already started.

I mean school is pretty easy, since I read like college textbook when I’m bored even though I just started 8th Gr.

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this is my last school holiday apart from Christmas

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i think i should start doing my school homework tomorrow morning


I already finished it lmao.

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LOL i had a week to do it but i didn’t luckily just some boring english homework on one passage questions

hey does anyone know why I don’t get the achievement because I made 1001 games and it does not show the achievement

Please don’t ask for help in two locations… I think I have told you this before.

oh sorry it just seems confusing sometimes because I find help in one place but then I get confused because sometimes because I get told one thing and another but it is good to have people like you around but I feel sometimes asking around helps but I will ask in one place thanks.

Fair enough :grin:. But I do see all posts, and so I will eventually see yours.

well that feels good so thanks.

it feels good to have someone know of your problem.

Try to do these levels, when I was doing them I got some gems.