Not Earning Gems or XP From Simulated Games

I wrote down my Gem and XP level and it has not moved in the last 24 hours as a result of simulating games. I did do the daily quest today and I saw it raise 50 crystals but I have not seen the increase for the simulated games. It should be a noticeable increase because in the last day from around 100 to now it is at 70k+ Thank you so much for any help! Take care :slight_smile:
PS my game username is TheReaperKing as well

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Did you try clicking on the volume button multiple times? It usually helps (it triggers the calculation of the achievement).

Yes, no dice :\ I’m at 100k simulated games but no change.

This is also the same for myself. I have simulated approx 5,500 (and counting) games and I don’t have any achievement for it.

I have followed all the guides in the other posts regarding this but still nothing. I have repeatedly used the volume trick and even signed out and back it but nothing.

My achievement also still shows:

Can anyone help please? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up on the achievement, I didn’t even know there was one! Mine is at 1 gem 1 xp as well.

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I’m at around 170k simulated games now with still no update in XP or gems.

I’m having the same problem. Do you have to be a paid user to accumulate gems from simulations? I’ve simulated about 225k on a spare PC over the past 48 hours, but haven’t unlocked any achievements. I’ve played through a couple free levels to try to trigger it, but still nothing.

Should I just stop simulating?

It seems like this is a problem happening to a lot of people because I see another thread about it too. I highly doubt that you have to be a paid subscriber and all the stuff I’ve read doesn’t say you have to be one. Simulating the games helps them so I don’t think they’d make it a paid requirement. It just must be a hopefully temporary bug that they’ll fix. I’m at around 250k myself and I haven’t seen any changes and I think I posted this thread Monday. Hopefully a dev sees this at some point :slight_smile:

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@Caleb_Tote For now, yes I would stop simulating. The simulation does work and when it works, you would see awards happen.

I am on the free account and have nearly 1million simulations

Can y’all screen shot your actual simulations as shown below and make sure to include your actual in game id if it is different then the one your using on the forum, as well as the multiplayer level that you are simulating.

Also I assume that everyone has submitted code to the multiplayer level and beat the Simple CPU.

I will run some simulations on my end today and see if I get any increase.

Multiplayer / Simulations Guide

My username: Adz5765

My Simulated games:

My achievements:

I can confirm that I have beaten simple CPU in multiplayer:

@Adz5765 You did try clicking the sound button 20x time right?

I just simulated games on my end for Cavern Survival Here is my updated tally and as you can see toggling the sound did update the award:


@nick any ideas?

Related links:

Yep tried to click the sound button 20 times.

@Adz5765 Can you provide the following:

  1. Operating System:
  2. Web Browser:

Also are you in the US or another country?

And can you start simulating again and take a look at the browser console and see if there are any errors in the console and post them if you see any.

I am in the US using Safari on MacOSX Mavericks without issues.

I am using Windows 10 x64 and Google Chrome browser. (I have also tried this with Mozilla Firefox to no gain.)

I’m in the UK.

I’m unsure if it will make any difference but I am learning Python at present.

Im using Macbook pro, google chrome, tried clicking sound button 100+, didn’t work.

@General_Irons You really shouldn’t need to click it more then 10. But I generally say 20 to ensure that the game refreshes state.

And the reward should actually happen as a result of simulating, If you just continued to play the game and complete levels the award would pop up as well. The sound icon is just a convenient way to see that you actually did get rewarded.

Also could you enclose screenshots like what Adz5765 did

I’m on Google Chrome as well on Windows 7 and using the 32 bit version of chrome. My account is TheReaperKing level 25 XP and “Games simulated by you:296399” I’ve tried clicking the sound button many times and also doing more levels, and I’ve beaten the simple AI again. It has been almost a week now.

EDIT I did both the fighting the ai from the worldmap and both red and blue basic AI again today to hopefully see if that helps. I’m using the Dueling Arena as well. Nothing so far.

I was screwing around with name ideas and now my user name is though I thought it was kinda tacky I am unable to change it again whoops.

I’m having the same problems as well. I’ve accumulated around 3,100+ games, and I still don’t get any achievement. I’ve been pressing the sound button so many times and there’s still no change.

Any update on this please?