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Dropping flags on Coinucopia


I’m trying to play the Coinucopia level, but can’t figure out how to drop a flag for the hero to pick up. What am I missing?


Press “Submit” and the flag placement interface should show up in the lower left.


Thanks for your reply to this. My kids (9 and 12) referred me to codecombat after signing up for it in school. I’ve been playing a level or 2 at a time without a problem, until coinucopia. I just couldn’t figure out how to place a flag. The help button simply states " just place flags after hitting Submit". I interpreted that as, click submit and click the coins to place a flag. I tried to tackle the problem a few times over a week. I checked this forum for how to place flags, googled it, checked for walkthrough videos, switched from javascript to python, tried a different browser, basically way over-thinking it. I was fixing to give up on the game but, I was having fun with it and didn’t want my kids to get stuck on it either. So, I signed up here to ask someone for help. 1st I searched for “coinucopia” and immediately found this post with the answer… Big palm-to-forehead moment, I never even noticed the flag placement interface.

Could you change the help info to something like, “After hitting Submit, select any color flag from the lower left to place flags”?


Ah, sorry about that! We’ll keep working on more intuitively introducing that interface.

Hmm, it should have been pointing it out with a big yellow arrow, but maybe that didn’t fire properly?

I’ve just updated the guide, scripts, and sample code to mention that the flag buttons will show up in the lower left.


Thanks Nick,
I’ve developed a habit of immediately pausing or clicking the beginning of the timeline when I start a new level.
At first I thought I would lose the clean code bonus if I just let it run with the incomplete code. It probably doesn’t show the yellow arrow on the second run.


As long as your final code is fine, then you won’t lose the clean code bonus. Before you submit your final code, then you can change it as much as possible.