Where do I get scripting in the level editor

I want to create a level where there are 30 soldiers. Half of those are supposed to be at half of their health.
The user is then supposed to send all soldiers with lower health to a spot of the map and the other units to another spot.

Between scriptes, components, systems and thang attributes I’m not sure where I can write my code.
I want to select with the code 15 units and halve their health. In addition I want to add a marker to them to be able to have a goal when they are all at one place. I also don’t get how the goal system works.

Can someone help me?

Add some thang (we often use an invisible Well for this) as a Referee object.

Double click the well, then add the misc.Referee component to it by clicking the “+” under the other components.

Click the “+” in the Referee component’s configuration box, and add the property “extraCode” (it should suggest that as an option).

That will add a text box with some typical methods you can override, or add your own.

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The language doesn’t seem to be python. Can I change this to python?
Otherwise what language is this?

It’s coffeescript. As far as I know there’s currently no way to change it to python.

Take a look at coffeescript.org. There the whole language is explained.