[Wiki] The basics of the referee

Hello Artisans! Those of you guys who realized that there is something cool, in the level editor. It’s something called a referee. For those who don’t recognize the name, it looks exactly like an oasis, but it’s invisible. :slight_smile:
Let’s begin!
So start by placing a referee to anywhere in the map, but make it somewhere visible or not too far so you won’t have to search for it, when you come back. When you found a good spot to place it, place it! Then “go in” the referee by Double clicking on the referee and it should send you to a thang editor area. And there is a list of components in the left bar, and the list of editable things inside components on the right bar. So what you want to do is, go click(No double click! Just one click) on the component called misc.referee, and that’ll take you to the misc.referee editor.
Activate the extra code!
Extra code, you can probably tell by the name that it is the code part of the referee. But you can’t find it because you didn’t activate it, so go to the most “outside” + button and click it, and it should show a list of additional stuff that you can add to the misc.referee component. And choose extracode and it should show a programmable section!
Coding the inside
For those who are very experienced in cofeescript, you are in luck! Since referee uses cofeescript to code, you can use your past experiences use it as an advantage! For inexperienced cofeescript people, don’t be sad, you can always try the whole codecombat campaign using cofeescript. Yes, it’s going to take time, but knowledge pays off, so the more you persevere and have resilience, the more you will succeed.
List of things that you need to know

  • Be familiar with coffeescript syntax
  • Know the extraCode functions(ie. chooseAction)
  • Be efficient. Less line of code = smoother level load

And I’ll add more to this guide, and those who want to add or change something, I’ve added wiki to it.(Inappropriate or unrelevant changes will result in a mute) and if you have questions ask me. And if you have just questions other than the system breaking, PM me. :wink: