Is this right? Or is this Wrong?

I am trying to use a referee in the level editor, I made extra code but there is an error. What is wrong? here is the extra code:

  "extraCode": "{\n  #setUpLevel: ->\n    @yeti = @world.getThangByID 'Yeti'\n  #onFirstFrame: ->\n    @yeti.say \"Me Hungry!!!\"\n  #chooseAction: ->\n    \n  #checkVictory: ->\n    \n}"

here is the link to my level

it says

it is private 2000000

How do I make it public?

just tell me what is the error

It says this:
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 3.54.57 PM

where does it say that

Are you share because I think you just were not logged in. Because it says that when I am not logged in

In the part where I use @yeti = @world.getThangByID 'Yeti'

maybe you can just make it

  "extraCode": "{\n  #setUpLevel: ->\n \n  #onFirstFrame: ->\n    @world.getThangByID 'Yeti'.say \"Me Hungry!!!\"\n  #chooseAction: ->\n    \n  #checkVictory: ->\n    \n}"

let me try that @Jake_Doggy

I’m not sure that works, maybe @Deadpool198 or @Chaboi_3000 knows

Does anybody know what is wrong?

Does it work? 20000000

It just gives me another error, I do not understand I looked at other levels like this and they worked fine

Your syntax is wrong. Please take a look at some of the actual levels and see how it works. Furthermore, I recommend doing some CoCo levels in Coffeescript.

I did, I looked at the code for assembly speed and others