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Why 21/25 and not 21/23?

Why 21/25 and not 21/23 ?

Because you are …

  1. … not an Adventurer (Level 24).
  2. … for some reason not allowed to play Multiplayer (yet).

Have you already started with forest?

Sorry about that, looks like some retroactive level unlocks haven’t worked for you. Replay Rich Forager to unlock Cavern Survival, and replay Defense of Plainswood to unlock Destroying Angel. I’ll be working to fix these soon so you always have all the levels you should.

I just tried those and it worked for Rich Forager but there seems to be some bug with Defense of Plainswood b/c I keep equipping with a hammer but when I try to play I have a sword and can’t build the fence necessary to pass the level. Didn’t have that problem the first time…

In the process of screwing around though, I replayed Winding Trail (I think) which unlocked Thumb Biter for me which wasn’t there before but does seem to already be there for Juraj.

I replayed Rich Forager which unlocked Hold for Reinforcements for me .

I think I’ve fixed the problem you were seeing with Defense of Plainswood not letting you get the hammer equipped properly.

Thanks, Nick, hammer problem is indeed fixed, although I don’t see destroying angel anywhere after replaying defense of plainswood. I’m also not sure where it should be, maybe it is what Juraj has marked as “24” as I don’t seem to have that one.

Destroying Angel

Oh, it’s back in the dungeon. Thanks, was expecting it to be in the forest.

FWIW, I’ve found just clicking on the links from facebook for new level announcements to be the easiest way to effectively get to levels that weren’t correctly unlocked or revealed. I just got to backwoods treasure for the first time by following the facebook link.

because there are levels you have to wait to unlock :unamused:

Why am I at 37/38?

Started 8 months ago, took a break, and now I’ve completed most of the content. Level 38 still in development?

Actually there are now 39…
The “purple” circles mark the two missing.

The “orange” circle is “The Raised Sword”, sometimes when changes are made they don’t propagate to those who have previously finished the level. So you just need to submit “The Raised Sword” again and it will give you access to that one (The Long Kithmaze). I am not sure what level gives access to the other one (I think it is in the mountains?)


The fact that you even figured that out is nothing short of amazing! Showing 38/38 now.

If anyone knows how to unlock The Long Kithmaze, would appreciate the info!

You reran the Raised sword and it didn’t open it up for you?

The other one is unlocked by doing “Grim Determination” in the mountains (next to last mountain level.)

You’re right, The Raised Sword did unlock Long Kithmaze. That’s what caused the 38/38.

Working my way through Cloudrip Mountain to unlock 39/39, thanks for your help!

Here’s another one, why is Backwoods Forest 46/47?

These are still bugs.

Well, there are really 49 . . . two are “adventurer levels” so 47.

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Once again, amazing @Vlevo! Thanks again, and please mark Peasant Protection as an existing regression bug.