My pet attacks me

Why does my pet attack me?

its a strange reason it happens to everyone if you are a wizard and have summoned something(yeti baby or skeletons etc) then it will attack you not sure why but it does

Even without wizard it attacks me @cheddarcheese

hmm not sure why but again it does attack you did you do anything before it attacked you?

When I attack someone it attacks the thing I attack. but when my hero does nothing it attacks me

hmmmm i dont know why its attacking you then @Chaboi_3000

@Chaboi_3000 why is my pet attacking me? :confused:

Cheddar cheese already @ed Chaboi’s name. You shouldn’t @ him again, else he’s overrun with notifications.

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But he is still not replying

He’s an adult, so I’m sure he has lots to do. Plus, he lives in Tokyo, so his time zone might be different then yours. However, it is 12 pm for him.

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Oh it is still morning here :grin: :grin:

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Have you tried feeding it?

It’s not attacking you, it’s petting you.

I go to dueling grounds, that’s exactly what happens.

Could someone please post a screenshot of this, rather peculiar event?

It attacks me because when my health is six, after six second my health becomes 0

Bruh, it’s either DMG refelection or u went into a trap.

It also can be the enemy’s pet, not urs.

I went to the first level in kithgard and without any code,my health became 0 in 6 seconds with 6 maxHealth

Show a screenshot. Have some proof. We don’t know what happened? And wait, your still in dungeon?