Why my certificate still didn't arrived yet?

I got number 5 in the open bracket (forgot to enter the right one) and why I still didn’t received my certificate? @Chaboi_3000

i recived mine i have no idea why it didnt send yours

@Gypsyfly can probably help you out :+1:

If you are top 10 in any of the brackets AND you provided us an address your certificate was printed and physically mailed. I’ll check with our team tomorrow and give you an update. If it hasn’t been sent already, I can send a digital version if you prefer (it has your name on it).


What certificate? (920 chararats)

It’s the certificate for the CodeQuest 2020 tournament.

Oh, ok. Just curious. I’m not in this anymore.


Maybe it is just slow posting times to your location… I haven’t received anything yet.

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Me neither. I think that no one did. Correct me if I am wrong.


You are indeed are wrong, my certificate did arrive. And I am positive you received it too because it was sent in the same email as the 2 online classes.


@Code_Master, did you receive any email from CoCo claiming that you’re within the top 10 places in open brackets, if you did try checking the email again and read all the details carefully. If you still didn’t receive it try contacting help@codecombat.com.

Really, positive? No, mine’s different:

I haven’t heard about any of those things. I don’t particularly mind, but I just want to know if they’re on their way and haven’t been lost in transit…

I meant I think that no one recieved it at home, phisically.


I said @AnSeDra, not you @Deadpool198, AnSeDra and I are top 50 only, but your in top 10 category.

You don’t receive the certificate physically, it’s a digital certificate.

Ok then, I got confused for a sec.


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Top ten players will receive a physical paper copy version of the certificate. @Deadpool198 since it’s shipping internationally, there’s probably a huge delay. Have you checked your inbox for a tracking code? You can find the status of shipment if you can locate it.

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Do I get a codecombat avatar too? The email told me to summit what kind I wanted.

If the email said that you could submit an avatar request, that means you also get a custom CodeCombat avatar drawn for you. :+1:


YAYAY! Thanks for confirming it! I have a YouTube channel about codecombat and I can use that on there!

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