CodeQuest Awards Ceremony Chat

The August CodeQuest global coding tournament has concluded, and we’ve finished determining all the final scores and rankings for each age bracket. So now, at 4:30 pm PDT today, we’re hosting an awards ceremony on YouTube Live:

Feel free to chat here before, during, and after the livestream. Congratulations to all the winners! Outside of the top 10 in each age bracket, we will post the full rankings by next week.


@nick it seems like Live Chat is disabled? Would you be willing to check it out before it starts? :pray:


You can chat here instead of on YouTube.


Okay. By default #announcements is made so only staff members can chat. Might want to change the category perms then.

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Thanks. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Congratulations to all of the winners! I LOVED seeing “familiar” names of the players who consistently dominated on the ladder and learning through discussions of their strategies!! (Some of the ones involving mathematical evasion maneuvers was just mind-boggling! :flushed:) It was also humbling to see myself on screen get soundly beaten on international YouTube by Homare Yamaguchi in the 1-3 Grade category. :joy: Way to go, Homare!!


Very awesome. Congrats to one of our co-mods, @Deadpool198 for placing 2nd in 7-12 bracket! Unfortunately I had multiple exams that I needed to work on in the summer, so I couldn’t participate. Anyways, it seems like all went well this year with CodeQuest. :tada:

As a note to participants, the instructions on how to claim rewards will be sent via. email ~next week, so keep your eyes on the inbox. :eyes: If you have any questions/concerns regarding prizes please Message :email: @Gypsyfly and she’ll gladly help you out.


Morning stream at 9:30 am for all viewers on Beijing Time:

Congrats again to everyone who participated and all those that came in top 100 and up. We were so impressed with all of you! Thank you, especially to all those who sent us clips and their inspiring words. We truly wanted to include all of you but that would have been a very long stream :open_mouth:

Like Nick said, along with full rankings, look out for more details about prize redemption next week.


Thanks, also I want to say congrats to @Shininglice, I think you definitely deserve the #1 place. Well played :grin:. Also congrats to everyone else who participated.


even though i didnt participate i feel happy to all the winners and even the losers for giving it their all! you all are awesome to do that! so Congrats :smiley: :partying_face: :confetti_ball:


Congratulations to all the winners and contestants!)
And thanks to all Codecombat stuff, seen and unseen) Great quest and great job)


Full rankings list is up here:

Congrats again everyone; was a really fun tournament, and I’m so impressed by some of the strategies y’all came up with!


Everyone had really good strategies, and Thanks to all the staff including @nick for hosting the competition. Hope to see you guys again next year.


Thank you! But what means

I’m on 7 place?

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This year’s CodeQuest went well. :tada:
Hopefully everything’s settled by next year so CoCo can host an IRL ceremony. That would be super awesome! 'Gratz on everyone who participated, I loved seeing those tricky tactics! :eyes: Hopefully next year I can compete. :crossed_fingers:


Your 7th place for Rank Open Category. But your whole tournament place is 58.

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#74! I cant believe it!

#0! i cant believe it! (i didnt enter so i got #0 lol)

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Dude that does not make sense