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Winding Trail problem


Hi, on Winding Trail I go throught the entire map, put fence, block that monster and now what ? Is that bug or something ?


I take it one of the goals is not complete?


All the goals are complete but i still have an information that i need to pass the path to the end.


Hmm, did you try moving to the end of the path on the far bottom right?


Yeah, character is stuck at the edge of screen. I’ve got only path that i put shelter on (with that monster) and path to the right corner of the screen.


Can you post a screenshot or your code? Then we can debug it. Thanks!


After a day i restart this level and all is working now, i can finish it without any problem. Thanks for replies :slight_smile:
btw. what level I can play after Thornbush Farm and when i finish couple more. I must wait for updates ?


Yup, wait for updates (sign up as an Adventurer to get them early). We just released a bunch of practice levels in the dungeon map, too, so check those out. Otherwise, there are the older levels, which are quite different, over here:


Just FYI, this level does not require building of fence to complete it… though the instructions state otherwise… I just ‘ran’ past the ogre to get the gems… but I was SUPPOSED to have built a fence as well… the code shut down after I got the gems … not after I completed the fence(which never got started)

here’s the code

Go to the end of the path and build a fence on the X

Use your moveXY(x, y) function.

[redacted, please don’t post correct code]


That is fine. Grabbing the gems is a bonus, the main goal is to get to the end of the path and evade (or block) the ogre.

We suggest in the sample code to build a fence, but, it is up to the player to figure out how they want to get the gems if they want the bonus. (A firetrap, lots of armor, killing the ogre, etc)


Thanks Serg,

re: correct code.
My bad

Duly noted.