Won't load properly, nor can I see the X, Y

Hey, yesterday before bed, I wanted to play a bit before going to sleep. The thing is that the levels wont load properly for me so there is no graphic, just shadows and gray. Ontop of that, I have to move my character to two spots on the game where he’s supposed to build fences, but I can’t see the coordinates. :confused:

http://gyazo.com/26d37b4fa9d5b843a5e12714976780c3 heres a screenshot of what I mean.

Thank you on beforehand.

Also, I thought that it was just a bug at that time, so I went to bed. Now I just woke up and it’s still messing up. I went to try it out on firefox, same problem. :confused:

There were some database issues yesterday but my understanding is that everything is sorted out now.

Edit: To be clear, I’m not experiencing any problems as of this posting.

Yeah everything is back to normal today