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I think what peter was tryna say is u made ur speech over complex and excessive. A speech that is more concise and straight-to the point is wouldve have been much better


Pardon me, but what part of “this is supposed to be a joke” did you not understand?

Drop the subject now and only put speeches in here. If you want to join in for today’s speech feel free. If not, please don’t clutter up this topic.



Ok here goes nothin

Hi, I was 6 when I found out abt codecombat. I was just a little kid, not knowing the levels I would go to.
I was a major sweat at that time. I did 200 levels a day. So I completed the entire campaign in about 2 days. Even the glacier. I was part of the BrainChase program. I had sweat the game so much, I had okar and max warrior gear in only 3 1/2 days. I had known about codecombat for 5 years. I had been sick and was bored, so I went on code.org for some fun. I saw code COMBAT and I fell in love with that word at sight. So I made a account (My current @TheDreadfullSlayer acc) and started. I soon got bored and quit for a while. When the brain chase program launched not 1-2 months later. I started grinding.

Thanks for comin in to my ted talk

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I wonder who is Monsty addressing to. But won’t clutter up the topic anymore.


Actually, I said I would post it every day and i did post it.

This is the topic for the day.

I know that this is very late but it is better late, than never.

If I had to choose a hobby that was my favorite. It would be hard because hobbies are something that you do just for fun. My favorite hobby is playing Genshin Impact. That is because I like how the game was made and the voice overs for all of the characters. I know that some of you think that Genshin Impact is an knock off version of Zelda. But that is your opinion and I respect it. But to me I completely disagree with that statement. I think Genshin Impact is the best game. After CodeCombat and World of Warcraft that it. It is hard to top World of Warcraft and CodeCombat. I just like to play games for fun. Yeah, i know it seems like I don’t have a life but i do have a life. I just chose to become a video game playtester. What that means is that I get paid to video games all the time. To me, that is the best job there is. But I know that there are better jobs out there for me, but I don’t want to try and do them because I am a gamer and I always will be a gamer.

**Todays topic is Favorite soda and why!

I will join in on this one soon.

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Small suggestion, how about we change the topic of the speech to every week because every day is a bit quick?


yea i agree
wed get much more people to speek if the topic was open for a whole week

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Okay, week it is.

This weeks is what is your favorite hobby and why.

I did mine for this week. Hope to see more people joining.

fortnite is my fav hobby
if only i had bp
meowskulls looks so goog

I started fortnite at chapter 3 season 2, not that good, I learn’t how to be a aim demon. Since zero builds was the only game I could play. So i grinded aim. I got good at using scoped weapons such as the mk7 or the striker burst rifle. I quickly learnt how to be decent at building. Im not a sweat like @abc but I dont think im terrible at it either.

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Overwatch 2 is my favorite hobby (y’know the new overwatch game)

I started playing the day it was released I’ve unlocked about 5/6 of the characters and I would say i’m pretty good at playing the game, but definitely not one of the best my username is cardoffortn it was going to be cardoffortnite but the character limit got in the way. I main sojourn in normal matches but I normally play creator made maps. If you want to play with me I can’t right now because my dad is in the middle of redoing our walls and the tv isn’t up.

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I know that this is one day late but it is better late than never.

This weeks topic is going to be a creative one. You get to come up with the topic, and everybody will read it and then have to send you a pm that says what they think your topic is. After this week is over, I am going to make a poll with all of the speeches in it. It will close in 2 weeks. Whoever wins that poll is the winner. If their is a tie, I will make a new poll with just the two of them. Happy Writing.

Can you please explain more? It got me confused.

Like we make a speech that is under a topic, the topic stays hidden while the speech is public, and then people have to guess the topic?

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I think that’s what he means

Yes, that is exactly what I mean. Sorry for how long it took me to clarify.


I present to you all, members of the Discourse, my latest speech - Toast.

Toast is simply bread heated until a physical reaction occurs on the surface, irreversibly changing the texture of the affected bread. This bread can sometimes be heated for too long, or at too high a temperature, creating a substance to form on the surface of the bread that is unhealthy for humans to eat in large quantities. Bread is usually heated at temperatures above 300 degrees Kelvin, in devices known as toasters. However, bread can also be heated in other machines such as microwaves or ovens. Bread can be made with a combination of water, grain (usually flour), and yeast. Optionally, seeds, salt, and/or sugar may be added to the bread. It is commonly bought sliced, but can also be purchased whole. A whole bread is called a loaf (plural “loaves”). Bread can take many different forms, it can be wide, long, tall. Small, large. It can come in different shades, sometimes with multiple different colours on the same loaf. Sliced bread is often mass-produced in factories, or smaller bakeries. However, many people can afford to make bread themselves at home, due to the small number of ingredients and low costs of said ingredients. Unfortunately, a lot of the world’s population has little to no water available, which means that they cannot create bread. Making bread is sometimes simply called “baking” bread, named after the heating process. The form of bread before it is baked is called “dough”. Dough is baked to create bread. Bread is toasted to create toast. Toast is burnt to create ash. Bread is an amazing and versatile substance, and this everlasting dominance in the food market is embraced by most of the world. The phrase “best thing since sliced bread” is used to indicate that something is better than the most amazing thing ever created, therefore not many objects are legally awarded this title. Bread is simply amazing, and all deserve to taste this amazing creation at least once in their lives. Different countries produce different forms of bread. France, for example, is well-known for their “baguettes”, long pieces of bread, usually 5-10cm in diameter. These can be purchased in many supermarkets around the globe. Bread, and toast, are known to have different toppings. The Brits are known for eating toast with baked beans (Beans being a form of legume. This is then soaked and served in a tomato-based sauce.) Thank you for reading.


Femboys, also known as feminine boys, have been gaining more visibility and acceptance in recent years. They challenge traditional gender norms and express themselves in unique ways. In this essay, we will explore the appearance, personality, and community surrounding femboys.

Femboys often have a distinct fashion sense that combines masculine and feminine elements. They may wear clothing traditionally associated with women, such as skirts or dresses, paired with more masculine pieces like boots or jackets. Their hair and makeup choices are also typically more feminine, with long hair, bold makeup, and painted nails. Overall, their appearance is a deliberate expression of their gender identity and a rejection of traditional gender norms.

Femboys are often described as confident, expressive, and open-minded. They embrace their femininity and reject societal expectations of what it means to be a man. This confidence and self-assuredness is often admired by others, as it takes courage to be true to oneself in the face of societal pressure. Additionally, femboys are often more accepting of others who do not conform to traditional gender norms, creating a welcoming and inclusive community.

This is why I want to be one :3

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