XP Rolled Back?

I noticed that my XP level dropped back from 26 to 23 this evening while I was AFK to watch a movie.
My purchased equipment is all intact so other than having a lesser number that doesn’t seem to have altered anything.
The level drop didn’t occur at the same time as my gems going into the negative, so it shouldn’t be related to whatever caused that either.

I would estimate that whatever event it was that culminated in the XP drop occurred in the last 3 hours. Sorry I can’t be more precise.

Anyway, not a game breaker. Just noting that it occurred for future reference and for people to watch out for, for reporting purposes.

I think it should actually be the same thing as the negative gem stuff I talk about in this thread, because I don’t think you can be level 26 without the extra 10,001 exp you would have gotten from the spurious 100- and 500-levels-completed achievements that were also causing the -5000 gem drop. 23 sounds more like the correct level you should be at.