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Yeah! Alright! Sonic Discussion!

Come on down and talk about the blue blur! Keep it clean, and stay speedy!

IMO, sonic 2 is best just because of the pacing, the music and the not-too-long bossfights

The only sonic thing I’ve seen is the new-ish movie.


What were your thoughts on it?
I quite liked it, though having Roger Craig Smith as Sonic would’ve been nice.

personaly I HATE tails because it just floats around following sonic
my most favorite hedgehog is knucles

Yeah me too, i much prefer sonic on his own

I want too-long boss fights (I never played that game)

You like long boss fights?
I think the last one should be becuase it’s the biggest and hardest one, but the normal ones should be a little bit long so it doesnt drag out the game.

Have you completed it

I have indeed, though it’s really unfair, you get hit one time and you’re done.
You have to do both parts of the fight without getting hit

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You are very good it really is the hardest one

What’s everyone’s thoughts on Sonic Fontiers?