Topic for Splatoon/2/3 🦑

Hello, hi and woomy, welcome to the Splatoon Topic! :squid:
If you’re worried, yes, there will be spoilers. Discussion for all 3 games is allowed here. Don’t get cooked, stay off the hook!

Chaos team ruined the Splatoon story arc :canned_food: this is a can

Only Splatfest I was able to play was the Mario 35th Anniversary one.
Team Mushroom superior :mushroom:

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yo I have played for like 2 years lvl 70
(on splatoon 2)

cant wait for 3! 20chars

Neither can I lol, it looks insane.
I dunno what level I am, haven’t played 2 in a long time (might of lost it :skull:)
I remember being a big fan of the roller weapon

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Roller people dont get enough credit

While everyone else is out a-murderin, we in the pits putting down paint

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They’re adding a better version of Salmon Run into 3!
Salmon Run: Next Wave
You can throw eggs to other people and there’s a couple new mini-bosses

what happened to the original splatoon? thats the only one I’ve played and I have it on wii u

I mean, its kinda old no offense

I’ve only played the 2nd one.
The original looks just as good but the 2nd one has more weapons and bigger replay value. And since it’s on the Switch, there’s always tons of lobbies to join

yea it’s been a while since I’ve played splatoon though. also don’t worry about my nitro type username (which happens to be from splatoon wow I wonder how you guessed? prob cuz its in this topic)

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you should put that in the Nitro Type Chat

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@CryptiCrystal 20 chars

I wonder who the main villains for 3 will be?
I reckon Marina is gonna become evil like Callie in 2

spoiler @RiceRunner

Marina is like Agent 8 in octo expansion.
she turned good from the Calamari Inkantion

Don’t worry about spoilers for me lol, I’ve done the story. :+1:

Maybe Pearl will actually be a character, and not just a dummy who just sits there. (Tho it’s funny when Marina makes fun about her :laughing: )

yo dude I saw actual beta game footage for Splatoon 3 salmon run! Video on the switch!