Cheating in Zero Sum

Look: my hero is attacking myself. It is not a problem in my code, so I guess that’s something like enemy.attack(enemy) in my opponent’s code.
@moonwatcher348 is that true?

Yes, this is true, I was checking what I could make the enemy do and forgot to change it back, one sec while I comment it out, I barely use codecombat these days

Done, changed to my original program

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Now it’s even worse…
Please change to a normal code in both of sides.
Can this bug be fixed though?

This is my original program though… it has no opponent attacking themselves… I’ll check later

Did you submit your code?

-_- of course I did, the other code summoned nothing, this one summons something…

I found a way funnier bug:

Watch this match. Can someone fix this?

Lol you’re commanding your own artillery, maybe the devs could make it so you only get specific properties of the opponent?

Yeah, \/ makes me to do that. He also makes me to cast drain-life and fear on myself.

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I know, also, drain-life is useless when you’re casting it on yourself ._.