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Zero Sum - that sums it up - not getting any achievement


So I was playing through Zero Sum today and it wouldn’t award me anything for completing all of the computer AI tiers.

In my achievements I see the following goal:

So I go to Zero Sum and then play what would seem to be the Shaman level, win, and submit the level. But no reward or other popup appears. And my gems stay the same.


Was this an achievement that was only available for a limited time when the tournament was being played?

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As you can see, the “Easy” opponent is actually a random player and not the Shaman CPU. You will likely be able to find the Shaman CPU in the ladder’s leaderboards.

However, playing against it directly won’t unlock the achievement, if I recall correctly. You can submit your code and wait until it is simulated against the Shaman CPU, but even then, this was only working for a couple multiplayer levels. I believe the multiplayer CPU opponents selection and achievements are due for an overhaul. I’ve listed some points in this comment but I guess these may need a new issue for proper organization and attention.


I see. So if somehow you are lucky enough to fight the Shaman CPU as a result of the simulated games you can get the achievement. But directly fighting it on the Fight! link does not. Nor will clicking the “Play as Red/Blue” allow for additional achievement unlocks.

Ok. So I will keep simulating games and see what happens.


Yeah, I asked that question before. To get an achievment about shaman/brawler/etc cpu, you need to fight with it, but you can’t just find it in the ladder and fight. You should waaaaaait until you meet them in simulated mode only.


I must add that the last time I checked (several months ago), not even beating the Shaman CPU through an async simulation would unlock the achievement in several multiplayer levels, it would work only in a few of them. It seems the CPU achievements were not fully implemented for all the multiplayer levels. Not sure whether this has been “fixed” yet.


:cry: I want this achievement. I want ALL achievements.