[SOLVED, fixed] Please, tell me this wasn't gonna happen')) HUGE enemy player (goliath) hp

Player’s name hints us about something…) And respect to Ultimate Hacker anyway) But I don’t think such HP quantity supposed to be [right from the start] at the multyplayer levels O_o
25K135 - a little bit too much.



did you make this? Im so confused. I almost beat him, but its just impossible. btw, I think it may be possible for a person with okar to have not THAT much health, but a lot. I got to this with the maximum player hp for a starter warrior:
Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 08.44.10

Nope, I didn’t manage to kill him and I don’t think I can without entire changing my gear.

Good. I think it’s close to usual HP of goliath players, most of them have 5000-5500 HP. But it’s far behind 25135, almost fivefold difference.
I think we need ancient powerful spell here) So, @Chaboi_3000 or @nick - can you please look at this?

Idk. I’m not a sub yet, so I dont know. But jeez that is far off from 25135

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I just took away half of his health with ritic.

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I’ve removed the hackery here–thanks for the heads up on that one.


De nada)
Thanks a lot)