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Cupboards of kithgard


Not sure what to do here. I break open the cupboard, a skeleton comes out and attacks the ogre, then nothing happens until I run out of time.

After the clock runs out, I see the message with a green check “break open the cupboard”, but also that I ran out of time. It’s not obvious what else I am supposed to do though…


walk out once the enemy is conquered?

It looks like one needs to:

walk to cupboard
break cupboard
…wait for skellie to kill ogre

move up hallway
…wait for skellie to kill other ogre

walk to exit.

only the first two steps are suggested by the level.

@nick: Where does this level occur in the teaching scheme?
Do we know how to break out of loops?
do we know how to use ifs to check to see if the enemy is dead so we can safely move to the exit? and/or wait for our buddy to kill them?


Yeah, my guess is similar to yours but this is supposed to be a simple dungeon level, right? Mainly I was wondering if this level was done yet? It was open to me, I didn’t do anything special to get there, but after playing not sure if this was meant to be played yet, or at least if the instructions were complete.


I just checked, it IS one of the “new for testing levels” this week.


Ummm… it worked for me.
When I walked (with Anya) to the cupboard, both ogres saw and chased me. I attacked the Cupboard, Skelly came out and killed both ogres. Mission done.
I had a loop{this.attack("Cupboard");} in the end, though it broke with one swing (Greatsword). No problems.

The question about the place in the learning scheme is valid though, it looks more like a level to train than to learn something new.



I must be walking to fast, and only get one ogre to attack.

Yup, just reran it with out any extra speed and it ran flawlessly. :smile:


Yeah, I think it’s a matter of using too fast a hero. Naria was my default and she goes too fast. Switched to Tharin and no problems.


Thanks for the heads up; I’ve adjusted the second ogre to follow the first one’s lead in the attack against faster heroes.


Awesome, works great.


can you give me the program Im stuck I got it so I can let the skeleton kill the guards I can get back but its over than 7 codes


All you need to do is kill the ogres. There is no need to move anywhere else.