A.I. Gem Problems

I looked in the achivements panel and it says beat bronze, silver, gold, and dimond A.I. to get about 800 gems in total, I have won each and every match in blazing battle, and it still gives me 0 gems. @JustALuke do you by any chance know???

Idk how achievements exactly work; has it simulated matches against them? Some achievements might not update immediately; such as the simulating games one that rewards gems. You might need to complete new levels for it to update.

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yes. It is really confusing…

Like has this shown up in the your matches section as a victory?
Screenshot from 2023-12-21 09-43-35
just clicking “battle” and “submit” won’t count towards the achievement.

Yes, same as gold, silver, and bronze. All victorys.

Then idk why you aren’t getting the achievements. It might be because this is an old ai league arena and you had to participate in it to get the achievement, or it might not have updated yet.

Well, I could really use those gems…
And XP!!!

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Achievements are also just buggy in general; for instance a lot of people don’t have “signed up”

It’s been that way for a while so don’t hold out hope that it will be fixed anytime soon.