Not earning gems through simulation

Hi, I am new to this forum. I read some forums stating that one can earn gems through simulation of multiplayer games. I did simulate too in the achievements section its stated that i simulated 2917 times only.

I actually simulated 10495 games already. I tried changing the settings and the speaker volume but its not updating.

  1. What is actually happening?
  2. Will I get my gems and XP?
  3. How do I solve this problem when this issues hit me again?

Thank you

Hi there! This bug has been reported several times already and devs are working to fix it. Please check this and see if that helps. link

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I read this link already and thried everything in it. It failed on me, that is why I create this forum. :smile:
I really hope that the devs will be successful in solving this issue. Thanks a lot @Chaboi_3000!!! :wink: seen you posting a lot of comments as well, nice meeting you! And hope to see you again!

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Similar story here.


Account name same as forum name. Windows 10 and 7 64-bit using Chrome, tho I’ve tried IE and Edge. Tried logging out, completing new levels, joining a clan and simulating clan matches, clearing cookies/etc, changing heroes, changing equipment, changing settings/profile, as well as clicking the volume button a hojillion times. No luck.

@Maka can help you. (20 chars)

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You simulated a lot haha
I am currently having only 100k+ simulations

Alright, thanks for informing! :smile: I hope he/she can help us out

And it still shows 2917 simulations only

Oh yeah, Deadpool198?

He’s quite busy I think, I don’t know him you could message him? I’m sorry I thought he would reply but it’s not his fault.

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I messaged him, thanks a lot!!! Nah, its not your fault and its not his fault either :wink:

Hi everyone –

We know of the gem issue and it’s on our list of issues to fix, but there are some larger ones ahead.

We can’t offer an ETA at this time.

We apologize for the delay.


Hello, I just received the gems. Whats the issue actually?

Anyway, a big thank you from Malaysia

What’s the current thing going on.