A questions about subscription (i have a few)

If you have bought a bunch of stuff that is level 66 and up while having the subscription, do you get to keep using it after you cancel the subscription?

You can’t buy level 66 levels. It’s not possible to achieve it for normal players, I reached 42 with subscription. Level 66 items is only for staff or moderators. You do get to keep heroes and items after your subscription ended.


yeah i think so but if it is lifetime you cant get rid of it

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it will be lowered into a more manageble level

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If you buy ranger items and a ranger, can you use those after?

makes sense (20 chars)

next question please

in the daily gem allowance, how much do you get?

which place kithgard or backwoods or sarven?

kithgard is usaully 75
backwoods is 100
sarvenis around 150

what about cloudrip, I’ve almost beat it

I’m literally working on summits gate.

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I think that that’s all, at least for now.

@_Codemaster Please don’t listen to @cheddarcheese since his / her information can be misleading. To answer your question, yes you still can use items or heroes after your subscription ended. For example. I bought Ritic The Cold when I have the subscription, after my subscription ends I will still have access to Ritic because the things you buy you own it permanently, unless if you reset your progress.

Hope it clears up the confusion.


i said i THINK i not at summits gate yet

oh now i get it never thought of that question until now

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thanks a lot, that was what I hoped the answer was, because when I get the subscription Ritic is a priority.

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Please do not provide false information. You can use heroes and items after your subscription ends.


oi i deleted my post