How do you cancel your subscription?


When I went to manage subscription to cancel and change but it doesn’t say cancel or unsubscribe.


Do you not want to have a subscription?


He wants to change it from monthly to lifetime


Mine subscription is yearly(The old subscription before lifetime)


I am really not sure then, try emailing the CC team, then give them your account information, so they might be able to fix it


Thanks I will ask @Bryukh


No problem, although you might have to wait until subscription is over, then do lifetime to get 3500 gems a month.


Ironhead, are you a subscriber?


yes, although I dont get 3500 gems a month until last month, because I typed the wrong email address.


Oh (must be at least 20 characters)


Though I’m running out of levels to do. I think I only have 7 or 8 left to do.


dont worry, codecombat produces about 2-3 free levels, and 2-3 subscriber levels a week, so you will have plenty more to do, just wait 1 or 2 weeks.


Yep. I know but those levels are usually easy.


not always. you can also redo the levels while doing a different coding language. also, try to get on to the leaderboard in multiplayer.


That is what I’m doing.


oh, well, you can make your own levels too, then get them added, then you can play them too.


since you are subscriber, right?


I’m also doing that.


Ok, well, you can always try to make the hardest levels, right, harder than the viking thing? Do you have the arcane helmet?


Yeah that level was fun (20 Characters)