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What If I Buy Subscription When I Already Got To The Glacier

Hi, im wondering what it would be like to buy sub right now. Do i have to start all over or do i just simulate games and get gems to buy heros…

you don’t have to start over when you’ve bought a sub.

i know that. Its just that i dont have alot of gems lol i heard that you can restart and reset your gems

Well you will get 42000 gems for subing but over a period of time because they removed the lifetime sub

oh wait they did?oh ok sad image

here you can see what Chaboi said

ok :sob:

Whoah, that is a bad deal… 100 bucks for just a year!!? :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

But sometimes it’s 36 or something.

36 what? (2000000000000chars)

36 dollars. 20 chars

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nah i bought it before and it cost 136 bucks

Well, I’m just glad that I bought it when I did :grimacing: :grimacing: :sweat:

Some countries have discounted prices, but less free levels in order to help pay for the server costs for that region.

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Wow… Really? This is why sometimes “the best deal” is 39 dollars and sometimes 36.40 and sometimes 99?

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