What If I Buy Subscription When I Already Got To The Glacier

Hi, im wondering what it would be like to buy sub right now. Do i have to start all over or do i just simulate games and get gems to buy heros…

you don’t have to start over when you’ve bought a sub.

i know that. Its just that i dont have alot of gems lol i heard that you can restart and reset your gems

Well you will get 42000 gems for subing but over a period of time because they removed the lifetime sub

oh wait they did?oh ok sad image

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here you can see what Chaboi said

ok :sob:

Whoah, that is a bad deal… 100 bucks for just a year!!? :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

But sometimes it’s 36 or something.

36 what? (2000000000000chars)

36 dollars. 20 chars

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nah i bought it before and it cost 136 bucks

Well, I’m just glad that I bought it when I did :grimacing: :grimacing: :sweat:

Some countries have discounted prices, but less free levels in order to help pay for the server costs for that region.


Wow… Really? This is why sometimes “the best deal” is 39 dollars and sometimes 36.40 and sometimes 99?