A quick note. (Sorry, Anonym.)

Please don’t post duplicate topics. Search for what you want to create before you create it. You might find something related. Try different search terms. Just please do your best not to post duplicate topics.
It creates unnecessary work for website mods when they have to merge them.




A good note.
(Although why you have to be sorry before me, I am not even a regular)

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You made the topic about not making a topic on every grain of sand :slight_smile:

Uh… :smile: You’ve just (well, almost) duplicated topic.
Here is everything about such things: Reminder for new Users
And you guys don’t have to post duplicate topis about how to be nice or how not to spam. Just share that topic if you want to remind that.


Tbh, that topic is buried for a long time, and nobody could possibly find it unless searching

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Well, now you found it and I hope everyone will use it.

:smile: I even searched “duplicate”… I guess it’s called something else. Or I just didn’t look hard enough, in which case

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