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Reminder for new Users

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to ask a few things of all users, especially new ones, which would help the forum become more ordered and neat, and make it a lot easier for everyone who’s trying to help.

  1. Firstly, and most importantly, read these topics (if you haven’t already): FAQ - Check Before Posting and Welcome to CodeCombat Discourse Forums!

  2. Please, whenever you create a topic, place it under a category that is relevant to it. E.g. if you need help with a level, make sure you put it in the Level Help category, if there’s a bug you want to report, put it in the Bugs category etc. Or if there’s no category it fits in, put it in Uncategorized.

  3. Whenever you post something in the level help category or the bugs category, make sure you explain your problem thoroughly and add screenshots etc. if necessary.

  4. If you’re posting something in the Level Help category, always post your code (formatted: instructions here: How to Post Your Code With Radiant, Harmonious Formatting) so that we can see the problem.

  5. When a topic is solved, use the tick to solve it. As far as I know only the creator of the topic can do it, so please make sure you do. Or if you can’t work out how just put [SOLVED] in the title. It means I don’t have to go around putting it in to remind myself it doesn’t need a reply.

  6. When you’re writing on the discourse, especially on topic titles, use proper punctuation, and use a title which describes your problem well, as succinctly as possible. E.g. Need help on Ogre Encampment, (in the Level Help category), or Problem with code submission on Dueling Grounds, (in the Bugs category) etc.

  7. Before you ask for help with something, search the level name in the CodeCombat search bar and read old topics to understand the level better; then, if you still can’t do it, post a topic.

  8. Finally, remember to spread the love: like posts you like, post things other than just asking for help, look back at older topics which haven’t been posted on for a while like the Official Flower Grove Topic, or [Idea] New types of ogres and heros; help keep the community alive and show your gratitude to CoCo’s creators Nick Winter, Matt Lott (differentmat), George Saines (george) and Scott Erickson (scott).

I just want to say, I’m not saying everyone always does this, it’s just a few things I’ve noticed since joining about 2 years ago, and which haven’t changed much over that time.
Thanks for reading this through,



I feel like number 2 number 3 and number 6 are slightly targeted at me :expressionless:

Perhaps… :grin:
It’s not just you though, don’t worry.
You only joined recently so It’s fine, as long as you don’t do it from now on.

ok thank you(20 characters)

Perhaps, an additional suggestion since I made a super big boo-boo my first day, could be added to check the date of the original post and its last activity (if it isn’t something that is “forever” info like this one), and refrain from reviving ones that are 18 months + old?

At first, it’s overwhelming with so much to read…when there’s a topic us newbies feel comfortable to finally jump in on, the date it was last alive is something that doesn’t occur to us to check!! This would be helpful to avoid us from causing immediate annoyances all around!! :slight_smile:

Just a thought…