About reviving topics[SOLVED]

I made a topic about 8 months ago (you may be able to guess it) and I wish to revive it. Would I be allowed to revive my own topic rather than another user’s? Thanks

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  • For necroposts — if the post is still on topic, it’s ok to let them post. For example, if the initial topic was “Stuck on level X” and someone comes by a year later and says “I’m stuck on level X” then it’s relevant and you can let it go.If it’s a new topic, a different level for example, you should respond with some version of “please start a new thread or search for an existing thread that matches your topic.” If it’s just junk (“That’s stupid!” or something), you can comment “please don’t be rude”. The same goes for every topic, including #off-topic.
    (Thank you Chaboi who actually wrote this, because I didn’t)

What are necroposts?

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It means to revive topics.

So if my post was something I would like to continue e.g. a story, then I can just post in it and no harm would be done?

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Yeah. If the topic was called, “Topic for stories”, and you have a story, you can post it,
because you’re following the purpose of the topic.


Ah thanks for the answer :smiley:!


No problemo :grin:! Glad to help!

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