Necroposting details?

Just randomly curious if anyone who’s more familiar with these forms, what do you consider necroposting? On most forum pages I remember it being about a month or so… K thanks!

What’s a month or so?

I have a question as well: What is necroposting?

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I’m pretty sure it’s when you revive a topic… i think…

Necroposting is replying to a forum post long after the person who posted it has probably stopped checking it

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OK, thanks!

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Normally for other forums ( necroposting starts at around a month when people start to yell at you


It can be a year later even, as long as it’s relevant to the thread. And mostly #level-help, because different people can need help on the same levels.

On off-topics, after a few months the topic is considered dead and you don’t really need to revive it.

There’s that one admin who says something like “leave the dead resting” right? (aaaaa whats his name :frowning: )

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kk ty (20 characters)

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I’m not sure I know who you’re talking about

What does kk ty mean?

hmmmm… nvm then (20 characters)

uhhh kk is “ok ok” ty is “thank you”


Ah, got it. (20,000)

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Ok, i’ll give u a list of most common texting lingo:

u = you
ur = your
tysm = thank you so much
ty = thank you
thx or tx = thanks
plz or pls = please
rlly or rly = really
sry = sorry
idc = i dont care
idrc = i dont really care
idk = i dont know
2 = to or too or two
1 = one or won 
4 = for
np = no problem
c = see
ig = i guess

and there are many more


Here is an example of a necropost.
(I’m sorry)
9 months is usually enough.