Quick Message Regarding "Dead Threads"

There’s a lot of confusion arising about “reviving threads”, and hopefully this clears stuff up.
To keep things simple, as long as the post is relevant/related in any way to the original topic, and that topic has not been resolved yet, then replying on an old thread is completely fine. Anything that counts as “junk” or unhelpful is not allowed.

Original Thread:

Nov 2014: Need Help on Level X. Code: code

Allowed Reply:

Jan 2021: Also need help on the same Level. Code: code

Not Allowed
Original Thread:

Nov 2014: Need Help on Level X. Code: code

“Junk” Reply

Jan 2021: I have done this level.

This is especially for bug reports. Even if it’s a bug from 5 years ago, if you’re still facing the same issue, you are free to respond to the same thread, regardless of date. If there’s any questions surrounding it, please let me know.


so can even off-topic topics can be revived?

Yup. As long as it’s relevant to the original topic, it’s allowed. (Otherwise there’ll be like 100 memes topics)


@Chaboi_3000, do you think you could pin this topic, or something like that? I’d like for me and others to be able to easily access it.
Also, I’ve heard that for off-topic threads, it’s considered dead after a year or so. I understand why you would be able to revive a level-help, but I don’t get why reviving an off-topic after years is still okay.

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Because there will be duplicates of the same off-topic thread which can clutter the forum.