My friend lost a badge

My friend @Speedypickle1 lost his regular badge. He was a regular for a lot of months. He has never been suspended. He has never been flagged. Why has he lost his badge? Was is because he wasn’t active? Is this on purpose? Is this a bug? I have been friends with him since he introduced me to CodeCombat and the Discourse.

Probably because he wasn’t active. If you look at the regular requirement you’ll see.

But there are people that have not posted since 2017 or 2018 and they still have there badge.

Correct me if I’m wrong but maybe because they have a leader status.

No they are Regulars. Just look at @Shmoogy

Well I dunno ask @Chaboi_3000

I don’t get it others keep their badge even when they haven’t posted in years and some loose there badge because they don’t post in months

Maybe he keeps the badge, but loses the TL?
I know you lose TL3 though…

Look here @milton.jinich



Can you check that for Shmoogy?

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I think I gave Shmoogy TL3 a while ago because he was active and extremely helpful at the time. This is also the case for @Luke10. He is given permanent TL3 for his contributions.


What about Hellenar and _TD_RodYT

All of them too :slight_smile:


So like every Regular who isn’t active.

Well, yes, because they’re the only people who still are regulars, while not being active, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who was a regular is still one. Probably about 90% of people who were once regulars are no more.


Yes… And 12 of 67 Regulars are active, even plus Leaders, isn’t a big sum.

Those that have permanent TL3 have shown incredible amounts of positive contributions, so I don’t mind them still having TL3. Even if they are no longer active, it doesn’t hurt to have them keep their Trust Level. (However I recently stopped giving those out since TL3 should be only for currently active users)


So that’s kinda problem of this topic (Milton said that his friend lost Regular)

By default TL3 will be lost if you don’t meet the criteria. In this case speedy lost his due to inactivity. Hope this cleared up any confusion.