Ace of Coders Challenge

Challenge: The only unit strategy! Use only one unit to rise up in the ladders!

  1. You should use only one unit (Only arrow-tower or only artillery or only archer or only soldier)
  2. You must not copy a code (Wizard Dude’s code, Nick’s code or someone else’s)
  3. To win it, write the best strategy for a unit. The winner will be the person who is the highest person in the ladder (of participants).
  4. If you participate, you should write your in game nickname in the topic :arrow_down:.

Example: Me (PeterPalov) vs my alt (RandomGuy123456789).
I use multiply-unit strategy, though my alt uses only archer strategy.
Good luck everyone!


Hmm, meeeee I guess? my username is the same as here xd

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Okay, so I can’t actually access Ace of Coders. I can see it on the map, but I can’t play the level. Is that a bug? When I click it. It looks like it’s loading, but it never finishes. When I use the URL, it tells me to try reloading or something.

idk, I think so, since I can access it

Here are a couple of screenshots if it helps.

Try this

Ya, same problem as the first screenshot.

Make a topic in the bugs section :slight_smile:

like NoJuice4U

(2nd place (not counting nick))

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yea. the bug is happening for me too… how did u access it peter?

Oh no, I forgot that execution limit exists…

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When does the challenge end?

Uh, it will end when there’s enough users and they have a real challenge.

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What’s the type of the missile the artillery launches, I want to filter

The artillery’s missile’s name is ‘shell’. The enemy Hero’s missile’s name is ‘boulder’.

k, thx (20 chars is angry I’ve been using the exploit for chars)

Next time you can PM me about such things, ok?

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ExEcUTioN liMIt …,…,…,.,.

CanT GeT iN