Adding a student after account has been deleted

I recently went through my roster and deleted some students who were no longer at my school. A couple weeks later they returned and I’m trying to add them back in to my class. When I deleted them the warning statement said the user will loose access to the class but progress will not be lost if added back to the class. This isn’t happening. Any suggestions?

Exactly what do you mean by ‘this isn’t happening’?

It states that progress will not be lost if you add them back in but that isn’t true. All progress is lost.

So then that would mean that he/she does not have a codecombat account anymore, or that he/she has to restart codecombat

You are not reading the image I posted. It clearly states that if you delete a student and then add them back in progress will NOT be lost. But progress IS lost.

This is the type of issue that the board liaison, @maka, should know how to deal with. Thanks.

Hi @Gina_Faulk,

Only a student (or someone logged in as that student) can delete a student’s account. The above is only removing them from the class – the user would still be in a ‘student account’ but with only the courses allowed to them by teachers – and most likely this means no courses if you were the only teacher with a class the student was in.

I’d need to look at the accounts to be sure, but my best guess is that these students are not using the same accounts when they rejoin later.

So John Smith joins and makes the username jsmith and weeks later he tries to join again but he forgot his password so he makes a second account. On your end, it just looks like “John S” unless you happen to have noted the username.

I have test accounts that I’ve added and removed from dozens of courses during the process of testing and they’ve never lost their progress.

If you send me a Direct Message here and give me a couple of usernames and I can investigate further.