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Student Progress


Students joined a clan using a link that I provided. Some of the students do NOT appear in my teacher’s report. I have checked the link I gave them with the link on my page and they match. Why aren’t all students showing up.

I also had students who I signed up to continue with the paid subscriptions I received. I can no longer see any of them or their progress. What happened?


Maybe, they didn’t make an account, thus not saving their progress.
Also, try clicking your link. Going to bed now because I’m tired.


They did create accounts. I had them send me screen shots of their progress pages that show thelr levels completed and their usernames. They log into those accounts each day they need to work.


Clicking the link did nothing so I copied and pasted it into the URL box. The same list appears. Students’ accounts are missing.


This is the first I’ve heard of a clan link not working. I’ll do some testing to see if I can reproduce it. In the meantime, please email the link you shared with your students to so I can investigate further. If possible, please send me the email address and username of a student who claimed to use the link but does not appear to be in the clan.

The same would go for the student with the paid subscription. We’ll need additional information to investigate that as well. Please email us that student’s email address and/or username.


The link does not make a user automatically join the Clan. They must click the Join Clan button to be listed.


Maybe your clan isn’t instantly at the top of the list when they have a look. Then again, if you’ve given them the clan name, I will have to have a look at a link. Unfortunately, I’m not one of the codecombat team, so i can’t know.