Additional information on the ladder

On my ladder/match listing, it displays the wins and losses. However, I am unaware of a way to find out who exactly I have lost against. I think that the game tracks who you win/lose against as wins and losses sometimes swap positions.

I am aware of the ‘My Matches’ page, however some losses come from prior times and the match list is limited in length, therefore not displaying all data.

My suggestion is to add another column to the ladder listing when a user is logged in to show the state of your last ranked match. That is, one of { win | loss | tie | untested } displayed as either text or a small icon. This would enable players to easily view who they need to try to defeat and would allow the player to analyse matches and make relevant adjustments.

If anyone knows of a way to view such information, or would like to offer advise/criticism of this suggestion, please respond…

Pretty sure only the last 200 games are kept in the history (There’s more data for score history but it scrubs out who the match was against).
When you re-rank your code, you’ll see the old entries are slightly greyed out on the “My Matches” page. This is your best bet to see your history.

Otherwise, here’s a simple tool to view wins/losses/ties for a user

There’s 3 URL parameters that you can set:
team: either “ogres” or “humans” - this will set the team of the person you want to view
user: the username of the person you want to see scores for
outcome: either “tie”, “loss” or “win”. Leave it blank to see all - I can only get 200 results regardless.

The “play” button will enter you into a match against that opponent.

Whoa, what’s this API thing? Did you create this, @Bellardia?

Yeah, It’s just a simple parser on the games XHR requests, let me know if you don’t approve.

Nah, it’s cool! We try pretty hard to make it so that API permissions make sense, so anything you can get publicly is fair game for mashing up.