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How to find your multiplayer score?


When viewing your matches on a ladder, it shows a graph with your score. You can eyeball it to get an idea of what your score is, but won’t know your exact score. Unless you’re in the top 20, since it shows their scores on the public ladder.

Edit: Just noticed a tiny “more” button at the bottom of the public ladders. If you’re near the top of the ladder, this is one way to find out your score.


It should be showing you the top 10, plus the 10 around you, lke this:

Are you seeing something different? If so, I’d love to see a screenshot.


Thanks, I must have missed that earlier. I see that now on the match’s ladder page.

One of the pages I was looking at was a ladder with #my-matches at the end of the URL, which doesn’t seem to show your exact score but does show the score graph.


Found another way to see your multiplayer scores! If you go to your profile page ( then there’s a Multiplayer Levels section with an overview of your current scores.

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