[(ALMOST) SOLVED] "my-matches" table in ladders (can't press "Watch your victory" for the blue team)

I’ve noticed that ladders have been changed recently.

It was a little more comfortable before, because you could look up you loss/win. Now red team able to spectate and to look up loss/win. And blue team can only spectate the battle. Looks like it’s because margins shift slightly and I didn’t find the way to get to the “Watch your victory” field/link (it looks the same on different devises and browsers).

It would be nice to have possibility to “Watch your victory” for the blue team too)

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Hmm … I’m not sure why that is. Mine is acting the same way.


It’s a bug introduced from how play-as-blue didn’t work in the new-style single-team ladder levels; we have it on the list to fix that up for old-style levels where it would still work.

Thanks for the answer and having this bug on the fixlist)

P.S. Maybe I don’t get a little) Link for the blue team playing work for old multiplayer levels like Cavern Survival or Dueling Grounds, I can drag it from CoCo manually and load, but it’s not so handy as having direct “Watch your victory” link for the red team.
For what new single-team ladder levels it doesn’t work? Sorry, I fall out of last changes in CodeCombat a little.

Whoa, that was fast) Thanks for fixing!

Now there is button “Watch your victory” (“Defeat the [Team]”) for both teams and it works fine.


Sorry, this worked fine for a while, but now crashed a little bit (as far as I remember since Monday, 23).
Looks like somethimg goes wrong while forming the link for the player for the game. I guess somehow it appends “humans” instead of “ogres” to the link.

As you remember, in case of wrong combination of sid and team the level doesn’t load. So happens here.

Ta-dam! We have both red and blue human team)

Such behavior on Cavern Survival, Dueling Grounds, Multiplayer Treasure Grove, Harrowland…