Adventure academy

This is a topic where u can talk about adventure academy

Who wants to know a secret place called shady dave’s

Please don’t repeat what you say @The_legendary_pro19.

You always say this:

Oh ok i get it (20 chars)

meeeee be friends with meeeee my name is Namar

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Namar4030w, Namar8123g, or Namar8809N

it is Namar4030W so plz friend meeee

Okay, how do you get out of full screen??

What u mean (20000000)

Im playing on computer, and when I get in the app, it goes into full screen-

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Oh me too idk (20000000)

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Oh wait I think I found out lol

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Where are u? (200000) @Vanessa

This place-

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Wait so if your always in full screen how do you get out of the app??

I friend requested u

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I use iPad (20000000)

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(the 10 chars is surprised too)

I don’t see u (2000000)