New special level for Chaboi

here is a special level for you @Chaboi_3000


he will probably enjoy it. are you back from your vacation?

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Yea just got back today at 7. I was awake for the whole night cuz of the flight

nice, school starts soon so no more vacation for me :cry:
edit: or most people.

Im lucky im homeschooled :smile:

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cool. anyways, who made the other fortnite map? I forgot.

Me but that one got messed up

this is a great level

Thanks! @Not_a_User

  1. 20 chars

  2. Pls delete 20 chars @nick

anyways I have to go. But I totatly agree with that.

I got to sign off for the day, see you soon!

Ok bye @Not_a_User! See you later

Thanks. Great level. “Thoktar” is dead now. :wink: But I’m pretty sure that guy was an apprentice of the real Thoktar. Be waiting for him to appear! We’ll need more than a hero to defeat that guy.

Are you? So am I, That’s really weird there aren’t many people who are. Woooow, although I still start school soon.

School started 2 weeks back…

Maybe in america, in England it’s starting on Monday. I think the american holidays start earlier.

on monday (20 chara)