[Adventurer] Brown Noise


Okay, so I let the rat only make its noise when sitting on the mark. Now the second noise distracts both skeletons, but still one turns around to kill me.

Also, why is one skeleton not distracted by the noise when the rat sits three meters over there?


I’m doing that, give or take a couple inches (see posted screenshot). It’s not working.


Standard way, no bonus:

Non standard way:
Thanks to @SuperSmacker I slayed all skeletons. He’s an incredible helper!


u didn’t need to kill all of the skeletons (unless you are a savage who likes murdering random undead people)

you only needed to kill one.


Maybe your hero is tooo slow, maybe something else. I need more information to understand what’s wrong with your code. Could you say your nickname in the game and I will check it?


It’s the same as here on the forum.


Oh, I see the problem.You are using the minimum possible hero speed. So when you are trying to pass two skeletons the second time try to add a point and move along right walls (closer to skeletons). If you are trying to move right to the exit you don’t have enough speed to sneak because the hero move by straight line. Be sneaky, move along walls, be ninja :slight_smile: Or use a faster hero (or a Speed Ring at least)


Thanks for looking into it!

You mean the slowest available hero? Or is it possible to make a hero faster?

It works with Hattori, without making any changes to the rest of the code.

Last question, which I already asked, but was ignored:

e.g. 72, 28 instead of 64, 28. Why does it have to sit on the spot marked with X?

This, and the thing with hero’s speed: I feel this should really either
a) not make a difference for the outcome of the level or
b) be mentioned at least in the hints section, or in the comments.
This kind of obstacles is simply not instructional: I fail to see how it helps me learn to code, plus it’s annoying.


Makes sense. Thank you for your feedback. I will think how I can improve this level.