[Adventurer] Brown Noise


What’s level for? 20chars


I cant see a way to change game language. In russian it is written as “Месиво Сарвена”.


I’m having issues completing this level with my hero. I’ve followed the directions to have the rat distract the skeletons, but once I get to the 2 skeletons, no matter which way they’re facing after distracting them, they always see my warrior as he goes past. Can this level only be completed with rangers? If so, I think that should be notated somewhere on the level itself. Thank you!


I had to use backstab to kill a skeleton. They regenerate too fast for anything else that I could use. The only way I could make it past the two skeletons is to lure them away, around the right side of the passageway, using the rat. Then I could escape.


It’s possible to complete this level with a warrior (even without the speed ring). The bonus goal is really hard for warriors, but this is a bonus goal so no hints for that.


The back stab weapon is dragon tooth.


If you have enough, you could use Pender Spellbane. :slight_smile: