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[Adventurer] Brown Noise


What’s level for? 20chars


I cant see a way to change game language. In russian it is written as “Месиво Сарвена”.


I’m having issues completing this level with my hero. I’ve followed the directions to have the rat distract the skeletons, but once I get to the 2 skeletons, no matter which way they’re facing after distracting them, they always see my warrior as he goes past. Can this level only be completed with rangers? If so, I think that should be notated somewhere on the level itself. Thank you!


I had to use backstab to kill a skeleton. They regenerate too fast for anything else that I could use. The only way I could make it past the two skeletons is to lure them away, around the right side of the passageway, using the rat. Then I could escape.


It’s possible to complete this level with a warrior (even without the speed ring). The bonus goal is really hard for warriors, but this is a bonus goal so no hints for that.


The back stab weapon is dragon tooth.


If you have enough, you could use Pender Spellbane. :slight_smile:


I’m trying this with Alejandro. the first distraction the rat makes at (64, 28) lets both skeletons run to it, but the second one seems to work only on one! I can see by the symbol over its head that the other one isn’t affected - it always comes to chase hero.

Here’s my code:

pet.moveXY(32, 28)
hero.moveXY(10, 19)
# Lenke das Skelett ab.

hero.moveXY(10, 46)

pet.moveXY(64, 28)
hero.moveXY(48, 35)
hero.moveXY(48, 9)
pet.moveXY(72, 28)
hero.moveXY(72, 9)
hero.moveXY(48, 9)
hero.moveXY(48, 20)
pet.moveXY(72, 28)
# Fliehe aus dem Verlies (rotes Kreuz):
hero.moveXY(40, 56)


once you collect the chest, don’t try to leave right away. use the pet.distractionNoise() method some more to lure the skeletons around the corner where they can’t see you get away.


I thought that’s exactly waht I was doing here:

I changed it to the following, so the rat will be around the corner after they run to it. I also made the hero wait a second to make sure the skeletons are around the corner when he starts (not waiting also doesn’t work):

pet.moveXY(74, 16)

Except, it doesn’t work. The skeletons simply don’t react to the last noise (mind the time marker and command highlights):

Maybe that’s because the rat has to be in line of sight for the enemies to hear it.
The problem remains though that the noise produced in line of sight on line 20 affects only one of the skeletons. Try it and see if it’s the same for you.


Can I give a hint? :slight_smile:


Please, give a hint how to complete the level with the bonus goal with a warrior. I’ve completed it with a warrior with a pretty decent time by several ways, but no bonus :slight_smile:


Hint: Sword is not the way to go. Hm… I wonder what other things you could put in the sword slot? Maybe… a Hammer? To build what tho… hmm… something that would do massive damage…hmm…Maybe some fire-traps, all in one spot, stacked together?

@Bryukh is this the way to beat it using a warrior?


You can’t stack the firetraps on top of each other anymore.


Nobody got any hints for me? Would the developers maybe care to investigate if you can reproduce my problem?


If you are passing the level the standard way:
pet.moveXY(32, 28);
and going to and from the treasure 2 times:
pet.moveXY(64, 28);
hero can wait at points (10, 19); (51, 35);(51, 21);


I did though. I just built several fire traps in the same (x,y) coordinate


Is this the way to beat it using a warrior?

Do you mean the bonus goal. The main goals are simple and could be done with any hero.
About bonus and the warrior – I think yes, but this goal was designed especially for rangers


Have you seen X marks there? What are their purpose? :wink:


yea i meant the bonus goal