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[Adventurer] Chameleons


Forest level Chameleons is ready for testing.

It’s a level about item.pos and how to collect items.


I didn’t encounter any problems when running the code.


This was an interesting level. I need to come up with a intelligent algorithm to calculate shortest path…

No problems completing level.

submitted patch for LUA and Coffeescript additions as well as a bit of grammar


After you spot all ogres
For success
Enough to kill only 1 ogre


Huh. Interesting. Will check. Thanks!


Hm, I can’t reproduce it. As I can see from the referee code it checks for 5 dead ogres. Could you send sessionID?


Thank you for the sessionID. I haven’t understood why I couldn’t reproduce it. Honestly, it was enough just to find all ogres :slight_smile: Fixed (I hope so)


Works as expected
Now i must kill all ogres
For “Success” status