[Adventurer] Double Queue

Hi, Adventurers! Here is a new level about queues: Double Queue

You won’t see “direct” managed queues there with commands “ENQUEUE” and “DEQUEUE”. There are two queues which you need synchronise with voice commands.


Seems broken or I’m not getting something right: as soon as the first sword arrives, my hero says “Ah, I feel mightier!” and the sword disappears. Thus I fail the level because I cannot equip the peasants…

Can you post your code so we can assist you @ant?

[ code removed ]

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The code is correct, and it runs perfectly in my account. Let’s bring this in PM’s @ant

I changed the hero from Okar to Tharin and now it works… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yep, this is a big bug. I’ll report it. :wink:

Okar is bigger so maybe he’s picking potions and swords instead of only commanding minions. If you play with Tharin

# and put this line ahead of main
while True:
    # code follows and fails