[HELP]Double Queue Still Can't Win

Hmm… ran out of time. Where did all the items go? @Chaboi_3000 @Bryukh

You need to add an else statement. Within that else statement, you need to say “Next”.

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I used the same code and I won???:

Strange, how many units are at the start? I have seven and at the end I only have one unit. Yours have four after all are given away. There’s nothing wrong with your code??? @staff

Oh, how many items are there at the start? Three? Try to restart because I only see three soldiers and no items left???

It’s not a bug just to solve some levels with Ocar is like going by tank to the pastry shop. It is too slow and in this case too big. (I wouldn’t play with him even if I was paid for it :wink: )
The explanation here:

Move Okar not to steal swords and potions. (Fence is not needed, I love bloodless solutions)

Thanks I already win.

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