[Adventurer] The gates of death: Humans vs. Ogres

For extreme beginners who want to train to fight a small army of ogres, this is the perfect level to play. Easy right? Yep, there is no hidden secrets, just humans vs ogres, enjoy!
Link to the 3rd level of the gates of death

Easy Peasy Mac and Cheesy

OFC dude this is for extreme beginners

Actually extreme beginners can’t beat this.

You need to go to the warlock first and kill it.

I bet no one could kill the warlock with a simple sword.

Umm. u sure? There is a level in kithgard where you have to kill a warlock and 2 witches.

Yeah there is. But that’s not for extreme beginners

Still this level is for foresters so… It’s annoying going into meta discourse, this discourse, any mails from devs and my server running.

I still beat all of your levels (except The Illia one) with pender

Who cares anyways. I’m just making them for beginners :man_shrugging:

what’s the Illia one?

This one(A really boring level I made about Illia):

Wow must’ve taken you a long time to write that encrypted message, letter by letter.

Yea can you pm me what it says scince i have compleded the level

LOL I used an old way of encrypting messages prob munkeyshynes know it

The encryption is so easy

I figured it out in 30 seconds :stuck_out_tongue: I’m ashamed

Don’t tell him though, seriously

@Archion how can u not figure it out

Why? (20 charecters)

It’s dead easy, but yeah try figuring it out yourself

Last time i checked it was just a jumble of words. At least tell me the cipher. Is a it 4 shift