[Adventurer] Good cop vs Bad cop


You are fighting a brawler with massive damage aoe effect and knockback. This level is intermediate.


@Chaboi_3000 how do you restrict heroes. I want to restrict everything except warriors


Go to settings and go scroll to the bottom, click on the add button and find restricted heroes


K got that @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@


It’s the hero type. Such as tharin is type: Knight.


Yep. (20 charecters)


Try the level now @Chaboi_3000. Only use a warrior i restricted the rest


@Enderlord832 it was easy. I beat it without losing 1 health.


For people who don’t have the boss star 4 it is impossiblr


@Enderlord832 why do you need boss star 4?


Ill PM you the secret


btw @Enderlord832 do you know what does “aoe” stand for?

The brawler does not have aoe damage.


Yeah it does, it kills you and other things around it, and you if you’re far away. I think.


It obviously doesn’t because if you go to the editor there isn’t any referee code coding for AOE damage and normally brawlers do not have aoe damage so the brawler in this level doesn’t have aoe damage.


he has the slam ability and the thing that will make him use all of his abilaties.


@Enderlord832 That’s not true. If I gave Nalfar Drain Life ability, he won’t use it unless I coded it in the referee


He used slam to kill 6 of my paladins


Then how come he didn’t use slam on my arrow tower.


I don’t know. I think it does like 50 damage. I mean they had really low health


Use referee to tell it to slam