[Adventurer] Good vs Evil

You have good warlocks and bad warlocks and good ogres and bad ogres. Be wise. Hint: try not to kill the other team too quickly otherwise your team might betray you :wink:
here is the link

Make it more interesting, like if you be afk, with no armor, you still defeat 36 of the 37 ogres

Also, try adding a twist to it, like your team has to beat the enemy before 30 seconds, and after 30 seconds make your team switch teams.

@Archion I win without doing anything

@Archion, please make sure to test the level before you release it to adjust it, so it’s not impossible or too easy. Or else, the level is not going to be interesting

Sorry ill adjust it. I was sleeping while you were posting :smile:

Try it now @Chaboi_3000 :smiling_imp:

Still too easy.

54/57 without code.

You want it harder. Ok let me now make super hard :smiling_imp:

Hahaha try it now @SuperSmacker


Not alway :wink:, Major Hint: Try summoning a soldier and sacrificing it

I mean the soldiers die and then kith dies.

@Archion u have to give us the ability to use sacrifice.

Not really i meant use someting. That type of sacrifice

Oh and by the way, my hero can’t do anything cuz he gets blown up sky high by the fire traps and he isn’t able to fall back to the ground.

Finished it. My team didn’t betray me. :smiley:

Yor lucky. If you kill the other team in less than 5 seconds which i think could be cheating your team would kill kith and you

@Archion you don’t have a referee my team won’t switch teams unless u have one and u tell the referee to make them switch teams.

That’s what i said before