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[Adventurer] Jailbreak


The Game Development 2 level Jailbreak is ready for playtesting!

This level introduces game.addDefeatGoal(x), where x is the amount of enemies that must be defeated to win the game.


This is cool, except I misread the example and set the defeat goal to 5, then killed 5 enemies, but didn’t get success. Is it possible to have the requirement be to add a defeat goal that is at least 4? Then someone could add success as killing all 9 of the ogres?

I was also hoping that my soldiers in the middle room would help me fight, but they just stand there.

But, all told, the level works as it is written.


I didn’t find any problems completing this level with default goal (defeat 4 enemies)


@dwhittaker I liked your idea and experimented with modifying @Catsync’s level

Try: and let me know what you think?


I didn’t have any issues with the level either. However when I add the code to defeat all of the ogres an odd error comes up:


I do everything that it asks for and try to add a while loop that hunts for the enemy but its not running properly don’t know why


you make cool levels can some one help me find the web to make levels?

(i have subscribed)



This link is for the level editor where you can make your own levels.


oh… I should click mouse.
it’s strange. But my hero just staying when enemies attacking him.

// The player only needs to defeat some of the enemies.
game.spawnPlayerXY("guardian", 62, 25);

// Use game.addDefeatGoal(X) to allow the player to win
// after defeating X enemies! (In this case, X should be 4)